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Residential Services

Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power

Heat Pump Loans and Inspection Program

Heat Pump Loan Application

TVA Approved Heat Pump Contractors
Low-interest loans and inspection of your installation are available through this program. Make sure your new heating installation is installed properly by participating in this TVA backed program. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of an energy efficient electric heat pump.

Paperless Billing

Choose to have your bill emailed to you each month rather than mailed.  You can view your bill on your mobile devices and computer.  Your bill is available sooner than the mailed copy.  


Levelized Billing
To level your monthly payments, your bill is averaged on a monthly basis. We take the most current 12 months including the current bill and add them together then divide by twelve. You will not experience the ups and downs of seasonal use, since your levelized billing will reflect only a slight variation in your bill amount each month.


Bank Draft is our hands-free program that allows your monthly bills to be paid without you having to leave your easy chair, or write a check, or buy a stamp. If you struggle with a hectic schedule or travel frequently, then the Bank Draft Program is for you.You receive your monthly electric bill as usual. A message appears on your bill informing you that MES will debit your checking account through an electronic draft on your due date, or the next business day if your due date falls on a weekend or a holiday. This transaction will appear on your next bank statement. PRESTO, your bill is paid. Complete the online form or call 473-3144 or simply come by and ask any of our friendly customer service representatives for more details.  


Outdoor Lighting
MES offers various types and sizes of outdoor security lights to fit your needs.  If there is no existing pole suitable for the installation of a light, MES can install a pole.  A contract is required.  Pole installation fees, monthly pole rental fee, and the monthly fee for each size and kind of light can be found under our Rates tab. For more information, call 473-3144.

Call 473-3144 during business hours for more information on these programs.

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