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Board of Public Utilities

Board members are appointed by the Mayor of McMinnville and confirmed by the City Aldermen. Appointments are made for four year terms, except in the case of aldermanic representative which is a yearly appointment. The Secretary and General Counsel appointments are made by the Board of Public Utilities on a yearly basis.


Board meets every 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM. in the Conference Room of McMinnville Electric System - 200 West Morford Street - McMinnville, TN  37110


Rodney Boyd

General Manager & CEO


NAME                                                    POSITION                                           TERM


Dr. Jeffrey McKinley                               Chairman                                            07/2023

Sam Martin, Jr.                                  Vice-Chairman                                         07/2024

Sally Brock                                             Member                                              07/2026

Ryle Chastain                           Aldermanic Representative                              11/2023

Michael Griffith                                      Member                                               07/2025

Robert Newman                               General Counsel 

Thomas Bratcher                                   Secretary  

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